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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


The Fourth Sunday Practice Match uses the No-Frills scoring system of Time, minus one second per steel/A-Zone, plus five seconds per penalty (miss, no-shoot, procedural). Only one shooter finished the day with a negative score, a Grand Master Spacegunner. Jon shot the match in 30.93, beating all shooters except the GM, who also shot his Production Class gun as a mere Master.

Jon not only beat all the long-gunners, but in a match featuring at least a dozen extra long-distance, rifle-only targets and a weapon change the pistoleros didn't have to deal with, he beat all but one of the handgunners too.

I've got to learn not to beat up on myself for not being as fast as Jon (well, I was shooting major and a pump gun too). I had almost as much fun as Jon did...only learning to tolerate the heat better will improve that.


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