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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Humpday Lynx

A little late for Fathers Day, Bug asks Who's Your Daddy?

Stuff you might not have known about Annie Oakley, at No Quarters.

As a former Linguist, I find pdb's post interesting.

Nork missile launch? "Knock it down," sez the Posse. Beloved Leader knows that President Bush isn't even worried.

I'll bet it's a old Colt product....

9AR Pr0N at Ravnwood! Via Say Uncle.

Blood is Thicker Than Salsa. Amen, Amigo.

Telebush is having a great time in Alaska.

Dr. Wadcutter does more WECSOG work on his SP-101, then goes out and burns some BP. Good times.

Sounds like someone's gonna put their eye out!


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