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Friday, May 12, 2006

End o' the Rainbow

Cool, huh? Brand new windshield cleaned by brand new wiper blades. The double rainbow is just outside Knoxville TN. It led me to an exit containing only a Shell station and a little Deli named Lucky's. It was dinnertime, so I stopped in for a bite after a long day's driving. Who'd'a thunk that in all of K-town, the only occupied booth would contain a gathering of Knoxville's GunBloggers? Tam greeted me in a Forest Green pantsuit and handed me a beer.

"Begorrah, ya caught me! Now I have you give you me Golden AR to let me go!"

You know the turned green because it's, like, gold!

"Unless you'd rather have something else," she said with a wink.

I thought Tam was kinda grooving on me, until she flicked her cigarette ash into my beer.

I've already got a 9AR, so I replied "A T-Shirt would be fine." "Why are you so pale, Tam?"

"Oleg Volk makes me like that."

"And the others...does he make Les Jones and Uncle look so blurry and nondescipt?"

"No, Silly Blob, you've just never seen their pictures before. You're asleep at a Virginia Rest Area and you're dreaming."

Oh. Explains why I was stopping in Knoxville and doing something more fun than buying new wiper blades.

A shout-out to the guy at the Asheville Hwy Advanced Auto Parts store! After finally selling me the right size, he installed the oddly designed refill blades so my road-addled brain didn't have to.


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