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Friday, May 26, 2006

Change of Scenery

Lil Bro and I decided the day we finally put down the last paving stones would be a Range Day--of course, preceding the manual labor with fun tests of skill before our muscles were all twitchy from the weightlifting.

All throughout my military career, Dad maintained my membership in the Beaver Run Rod and Gun Club so when I'd come home, I'd have a place to shoot where I wouldn't leave empty brass and shot-up tree stumps on his pristine farm property. I kid. The organization is equal parts Rod, Gun, and Club and it used to be the place where Dad would take Mom and us kids out for Seafood Night and even the occasional Sunday morning Block Shoot, the only organized shooting event they hold that I'm aware of.

Block shoots are more like Bingo with Shotguns, but they were a lot a fun, especially when, at 16, I'd brought out my Remington 870 fresh from under the Christmas tree to win a frozen turkey on my first try.

I haven't been to the Clubhouse since long before Dad passed on...the beer's much cheaper at Lil Bro's house, and I'm no social dynamo, as you all know.

Anyway, we had a Range Day, where I saw some old friends and introduced a new friend to Lil Bro. The 9AR behaved very well for him; I had a bad mag full of problems, but we'd both use it later without a hitch.

By the way, I kicked his ass, scoring wise, and I have the pictures to prove it. Maybe if he didn't wait until I was in town once or twice a year to do some shooting, he'd do better. Lord knows he can kick my butt at skeet...and hey, *I* haven't put any venison in the family freezer lately....

Some old friends, and a reasonable facsimile.

The Taurus PT99AF (middle) was my first autoloading centerfire pistol. The Colt (right) was my first .45 ACP. Gave the Taurus to Lil Bro and sold him the Colt cheap...since then, I resolved all gun givings would be either hand-me-downs or outright gifts. It was nice back when someone would actually tell you what they wanted for Christmas! Lately we're both self-actualized in the gun department, though Lil Bro is obviously easier to satisfy/amuse than myself...but then, I have a much bigger gun safe. Oh, yeah, the Dan Wesson (left) is almost the spitting image of my first wheelgun...Lil Bro shares my sense of practicality in that regard. Now, why he doesn't have any Glocks is anybody's guess.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger NotClauswitz said…

    That's a nice lookin' range! Ours has turned brown and will stay that way until it rains in November...


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