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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Show Us Your Gats!!

Xavier's meme: Pull out your carry gun and photograph it! That's all!

Glock 23 with Galco IWB holster. Rounds are Winchester SXT JHPs (I have a few original Black Talons at the bottom of the mag).

I don't carry the G23 all the time; sometimes I rotate in the G30, or even the G20 in the winter months. In the long summertime, the Ruger SP-101 more often than not finds it way into my back pocket, the console of my vehicle, and once in a blue moon, a real holster. I used to pack lightweight CorBon .357s in it; they didn't kick any more than .38 +P, but recently I've carried 158 grain .357 JHP wrist-breakers...if I've only got five shots, I want to make 'em count. My wrist will forgive me if it keeps the rest of me alive.

See the whole Gallery of Gats!


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