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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It Had To Be Snakes

What is it with Asians and snakes? Is it a phallic thing? The oldtimers at my old unit in Korea had a "home bar" downtown whose proprietor kept a glass jug of soju with a whole snake marinating in it. It was a big thing to do a "snake shot," but I never did. Soju is bad enough to cause one's own python misadventures....


  • At 7:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mmmmmm Soju.

    Osan, White Dogs at the Heavy Metal... yummy.

    Kunsan, A-Town just suxxors.

    I got the double whammy of doing Korea twice.... Wheeeeeeeeeee.

  • At 8:24 PM, Blogger Cowboy Blob said…

    Never did get down to the Koon, but I've done five tours to Osan. Never was much of a Ville Rat after my first two tours. Must have the same time all the nice Korean girls got replaced by Filipinas.

  • At 11:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Got to Pussan three times in the Big Grey Canoe Club.

    I got 4 bottles of soju in my cupboard right now... Two different kinds of Jinro...


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