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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Doh! Er....Dough!

What does Krispy Kreme and Homer Simpson know? Today is Doughnut Day! Or better known to the Pennsylvania Dutch as Fastnacht Day, the day to load up on fat and carbs before the first day of Lent.

Linda, our bailiff, asked us jury members whether we wanted doughnuts or bagels for our second and final day (Whoohoo! What a break for me!) in the jury room tomorrow. Fortunately, we health-conscious folks outnumbered the sugar-lovers and decided on bagels, although one Pillsbury Doughboy/Michelin Man aspirant appeared absolutely crestfallen with our democratic decision. Dude, you can pile on all the cream cheese you want on a bagel, but you can't de-fry and de-glaze a doughnut!

So, as a lapsed Catholic, I really don't celebrate Lent (seeing as how I already have given up wild parties, casual sex, and hard liquor), but I definitely won't be eating a doughnut on the day after Doughnut Day!


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