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Friday, January 20, 2006

Final Glock and Knife Show

Ha! My G21/Survival Knife post was about "brute force and utility;" this one's just about brute force. I've got several decorative swords displayed about the house, but only one I would dare take into combat with me. I bought it at a Maryland Rennaissance Festival ages ago; it's got a steel blade and one-piece brass hilt/ handguard/ handle-or-whatever you call it. I dressed it up with some electricians' tape and paint. It's been a part of a few Halloween costumes over the years. On one such spooky evening, my friend Kevin and I sparred Hollywood-style in a Fort Meade post housing parking lot. T'was a good thing we were both close to sober: he had a two-handed claymore that could have cut me in half. I ran into him again in Texas, only this time he had a headsman axe. No sparring this time, but we had a lot of fun with the gourds after they were done playing party games with them.

The Glock 20 (10-mm) is my ultimate GunSafe Queen; I really had to dig way back for it. It's another rebuilt gun...bought with hunting javalina in mind. I fired it once at an indoor range and haven't fired it since. Life has interfered with the hunting trips we used to take. I'm half-tempted to get a license this week and go stomping after bunnies all by myself (since we've had a few overnight freezes to kill the parasites), but I'm just too lazy. Okay, maybe just a range day, with some of my redheaded stepchildren (9-mms and .357s) and The GunSafe Queen.

The Carnival of Cordite is up! Next week is #45, devoted to .45 caliber weapons...just like my next birthday!


  • At 10:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Looking Forward to the .45 stuff.

    45? you old fart


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