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Monday, November 14, 2005

What's Good in Life

What do you say when Mom asks "What are you hungry for?" "Is there anything you'd like me to cook for you while you're home?" My answer was, "Nope, just make whatever you want." Now, I would never order pot roast at a restaurant and wouldn't know the first thing about making one, myself, but Mom whips up an awesomely tender roast and that ever so wonderful by-product: taters, carrots, and shrooms. Mom's PA Dutch pantry doesn't have anything in it spicier than soy sauce, but dinner was just heavenly with just a sprinkle of Mrs. Dash seasoning.

My trip to MD was right away rewarded with some spicy jambalaya, good friendship, and a homey atmosphere. Sorry to you folks who were hoping for a MD blogmeet--I offered to take my friends out for dinner, but the idea of a cozy night around the fireplace was just too tempting. I had a few beers (hey, I'm on vacation!) and some yummy homemade peach schnapps.

Sunday morning, I ventured down to Crofton, where more friends waited. Instead of huddling against the chill of the evening, we spent the afternoon enjoying temps that toyed with the 80s and thrilled to helping a grandfather indulge his only grandson. A cookout on the sunsoaked back deck was in order and another feast was consumed.

Now, I've still got to try to pop in on friends in Philly and in Easton MD, but I got the "Bigs" taken care of; if you ever ask me to be the Best Man at your wedding, you'll get more than an Email or phone call out of me when I'm in your area, too!


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