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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Spotted Lynx - Last Day of Summer

Addicted to pr0n? Watch Beating the Bunny for multilevel wrongness. Hat tip to a Personal Injury consider the source.

John Donovan reads Oliver Willis, so we don't have to...and slaps him down for being stuck on stupid.

El Capitan wonders why some people never left high school behind. Cat fight!

Ads Ripped from 70s Comics...hilarious! H/t to BaneRants

Broadsword has some good words for the chickens who used the term "Chickenhawk."

Geekwitha45: The New Orleans gun seizures continue! And congrats on 300k visits!

SondraK has crayons!

Another postal match, this time at Matthew Maynard's. Got your service rifle sighted in?

Michael Bane shows off my new favorite revolver, the titanium-cylinder Super 625 .45.

MrCompletely announces his Jack and Jill Pistol Postal Match.

Len at One in a Row has good advice for his son--and the rest of us.

A Hero's Gun
, at Say Uncle.

Rangemaster, Esquire. Rolls off yer tongue like Algonquin poetry. Bring on the the lawyer jokes for the newest pro-RKBA Florida attorney!

New on the Blog Roll: Xavier Thoughts. Hat tip to someone on the second half of my Blog Roll, darned if I can remember who.

A bad day for stealing (not for the squeamish).

Dave at Garfield Ridge exploits his inside knowledge of the Pentagon to review E-Ring.


  • At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The dude under the 18 wheeler made my day.....


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