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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Review: 3-Gun Gear M1A Mag Pouches

Bagworks 3-Gun Gear, based in Scottsdale AZ, makes accessories for my favorite sport; I have some of their shellholders and was eager to try their double magazine pouches when I started competing in Heavy Metal. M1A magazines are much heavier than AR mags, so Bagworks offers a T-Rig to bring the pouches down off your belt and distribute some of the weight to your leg via a nylon/elastic strap. At $80, it's an investment in a fine piece of match accessories. Here's Jon feeding Thumper from the pouch.

No, I'm not shy about having my own butt photographed for my blog, but, you see, I couldn't show you my setup, because my pouches wouldn't accept M1A mags (not shown at left...that's an FN 30-rounder pouch) without severe effort. Here is where I have an issue with Bagworks. Remember this mysterious rant? After receiving the pouches that didn't fit and a custom-made Rem 870 side-car shellholder I didn't order, I sent them back, asking them to credit my Visa card. I couldn't get a response from Bagworks until today, because they were off in Las Vegas at a 3-Gun match at the end of August and apparently didn't feel like answering my gradually more irritated Emails or my phone call yesterday.

I finally got a call today confirming they will credit my card, sorry about the shellholder, and, oh, by the way, the mag pouch holds M1A mags just fine. So...not only am I out 10 bucks postage for shit I didn't order, he's calling me a liar or an idiot. Take a look at the picture above...does Jon need both hands to pull his magazine out? Your mileage may vary, but personally, I'll be shopping elsewhere for my 3-Gun accessories.

20 September Update: Nothing posted to my credit card yet! This has been three weeks, folks! Mark Buchanan, proprietor of Buchanan Bagworks, cites "moving issues." As a result, he's "moving" my debt into a new credit card month. Thanks, Mark.

26 September Update: Finally got the return items credited. Reimbursement for postage would have been nice. Oh, well.


  • At 1:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I learned years ago not to deal with Mark.I ordered and paid for a water bottle holder to attach to my green Dillon range bag. This was at an Area 2 IPSC Championship at Rio Salado. It took six months and threats of trashing him on the Internet to get the product. Never again.


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