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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Project VALOUR IT Movers

In the midst of all the Katrina coverage, remember that there are still American GIs coming back who need your help. The disaster has taken some steam out of the project, but take a look at some of the supporting blogs and do what you can, please.

Project Valor-IT
The Politburo Diktat
Diary Of A Hollywood Refugee
Da Goddess
Little Miss Attila
Argghhh! The Home Of Two Of Jonah's Military Guys
Grim's Hall
The Air Force Pundit
Cowboy Blob's Saloon, Smokehouse, and Shootin Gallery
Valour-IT: Voice-Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops
My side of the puddle
Legless in perpetuum (Support from Down Under!)
The Cool Blue Blog
Its A Matter Of Opinion (Support from Down Under!)
A Blog For All
EagleSpeak: Project Valour-IT
Fuzzilicious Thinking
Thoughts by Seawitch
The Cigarette Smoking Man Returns (Caution - occasional adult content on this site)
The Gunn Nutt
spare eye
Mr. Completely
The Gun Line
Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho
The Middle Ground
From My Position... On the way! (and the inspiration for Project Valour-IT!)
Captain's Quarters
Random Fate
Mistakes Were Made
Snark Patrol
Confederate Yankee
Iraq War News
Doc In The Box
Dean's World
Papa Doc's Pink Flamingo Bar and Grill
The Stupid Shall Be Punished
The Jawa Report v3.0 Beta
Not Exactly Rocket Science
Southern By Blog!!
Neptunus Lex
Techography - A Never Ending Source of Information
Cursed By a Classical Education
Homefront Six
Stop the ACLU - Beating the ACLU With Their Own Sickle and Hammer
Assumption of Command
Righty in a lefty state
blonde sagacity
Least Loved Bedtime Stories v. 2.0
Bad Example
Balance Sheet
My Army Life...and other things
She Who Will Be Obeyed!


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