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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Goings On at the Saloon

Squiggy broke out last night...Lenny must have slept through it. First noticed when he stuck his nose on my left hip as I was surfing the net last night. I reversed the plexiglas since it seemed to have been fatigued curved one-way for so long. What a butthead. Squiggy got a great laugh out of it since he was free and clear for about half an hour. He was dancing and giggling for those moments he wasn't diving under furniture.

I'm postponing my roadtrip back to PA until November, mostly due to the great big a/c repair bill I just got. No, I don't need to bleg or get a job right away, but I can drive without the truck a/c on part of the way and I can hope gas prices have fallen by then. I shouldn't be forced into a motel due to the heat that time of year. This will also allow me to be home for a real--rather than family-manufactured--holiday. I'll also be home for departed Dad's birthday and wedding anniversary.

Tried to work in my monsoon-submerged yard today (I finally had an a/c-cooled house to retreat to. Scoured the front to placate the neighborhood yard Nazis, then turned to the back. That dark stuff by the back fence will turn to tumbleweeds in November. Since any steps off the back porch sank ankle-deep into mud...I'll try again in a few days.


  • At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Your next gun should be a flame-thrower. Your weeding would be done in 5-minutes. Controlled burns are wonderful. You also won't hear a peep out of the neighborhood NAZI's - except for those few wails after the whoosh!!

  • At 7:42 PM, Blogger BULLSEYE said…

    Kinda looks like a rice patty in Namn.

  • At 6:27 PM, Blogger prairie biker said…

    what turned out to be the deal with the a/c?


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