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Monday, May 02, 2005

Pilgrimage (Updated)

Made my annual pilgrimage to Cabela's (Hamburg PA) today. I was looking for a Union gunbelt and holster for my Remington 1858 New Army blackpowder pistol...they didn't have any belts in stock, but I got a holster and cylinder pouch. Also picked up a holster for Alan's Rebel Revo. He was tickled to get it. More pics when I get back...I think it's time to open up the booze!

(Update: Okay! Here's more pics!) Yeah, we opened the booze and I almost feel bad about slurping up half of the bottle of Glen Morangie I gave him as a Retirement Present. I think the holster was a way to make up for that. I also relieved him of a portion of Laphroaig, about which I've added a new axiom to my tome of accumulated wisdom: "Don't drink single-malt Scotch that doesn't have 'Glen' in the name somewhere."

I'm looking forward to the day when Alan and I can tour Gettysburg in full Blue and Gray regalia (counter-respectively) or at least bust a couple of pumpkins in Mom's field with our black powder revolvers.

Cabela's Gun Library was awesome, a veritable smorgasborg of gunly goodness...if only I was a millionaire!

This Springfield Garand was among the supposedly affordable firearms...wait, I just paid that much for my SOCOM 16!

Okay, fine! Here's another look at the Gun Library!

I'm not much of a fisherman, but I could spend hours at a well-stocked acquarium!

And a taxidermy exhibit like this?

Well, I got more uploaded, but this seems to encapsulate the experience. You mundane outfitters out there might have lots of inventory, but nobody beats Cabela's for a quality shopping and tourist experience.

This blogger has no connection with Cabela's and receives no compensation from the company, even though he has spent thousands of dollars with the company over the years. Hint, hint, hint!


  • At 12:04 AM, Blogger James said…

    Which store?


  • At 1:34 AM, Blogger Mr. Smithereen said…

    Yeah, what James said, which Cabela's?

  • At 8:54 AM, Blogger prairie biker said…

    I've always wanted a blackpowder pistol. I have some long ones but no short ones. Imagine the concept: if that big ol' .44 ball doesn't kill 'em, if you're close enough you can still set 'em on fire!

  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger Michael Hawn said…

    I heard that that Store is the number two tourist attraction in PA behind the liberty bell. they are both really cool.

  • At 4:49 PM, Blogger Mr. Smithereen said…

    Duh, guess I didn't read the post very good, sorry for the stupid question.

  • At 11:32 PM, Blogger trainer said…

    I had one of those hog-legs when the kids were very (preschool) little. They absolutely loved the smoke and flame that was generated by that monster.

    The sound wasn't as scary as the crack of some of my other guns, and the smoke smelled funky.

    25 years later, and they still talk about those trips into the woods with that pistol.

  • At 5:36 AM, Blogger Barry said…

    You said you were looking for a good belt from Cabela's- check out their website for the 'garrison belt'. I bought one- 2" wide heavy leather, will make a fine gunbelt if my Galco holster ever gets off backorder!

  • At 8:11 AM, Blogger Barry said…

    Oh, mommy daddy and julius! We're going to get a Cabela's here in Denver Metro soon. Great GoogahMoogah! I'm stoked.


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