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Sunday, February 13, 2005

No Way to Run a Saloon

Last night, I was blogging the nightshift, sleepwise, and I turned to VH-1 after all the good channels morphed into infomercials. After they did their Top 20, I was looking forward to Insomniac Theater for a variety of good videos, but those buttwipes just played the same five or six videos as the previous show...and played them twice! After hearing that punk from Green Day doing "I Walk Alone" thrice in three hours, I was aching to take an Uzi to the TV set. Don't they have a better library than that?

I used to DJ at the unit lounge (oops, Squadron Activities Center) in Korea using my private CD collection, and I prided myself in never repeating a song. Even when the blue-eyed hottie twanger tried to get me to repeat her favorite Shania Twain tune, I held firm. Sure, she could bat her eyes at me, but I knew she was married anyway. Darned if she wasn't used to her not getting her way. I wish VH-1 would dig deeper into their stash of good videos, maybe even a blast from the past, or two. Maybe it's time to surf into Dish Network's Sirius Channels, but I'd much rather have the video diversion.


  • At 2:24 AM, Blogger American Warmonger said…

    BH-1 is no longer any better than non-MTV. Neither of the have a music vocabulary bast britney spears. It just sucks. We need a music channel that started out like MTV did but has the ethics not to change.

    I know...out of luck.

  • At 2:36 AM, Blogger PKD said…

    I'm gonna break,
    I'm gonna break my,
    I'm gonna break my rusty cage -
    And Run.

    I'm gonna break...


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