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Friday, December 10, 2004

Having Some Fun

Sorry I haven't been doing too much regular posting lately, but I've been wrapped up in the Spirit of America Blogger Challenge, not doing any of the serious brainwork, but exhorting the troops on with an occasional dig at our competition, the dreaded Northern Alliance. I haven't had so much fun working...since I was working. I wish I could have done the same for the GunBloggers (through whom I actually donated more $$), but all my inspiration came from the Fusileers.

I hope to make animation a regular feature now that my Flash skills are coming back to me. I'm not a cartoonist. My laser mouse is a little too jumpy for drawing, but I can take a photo or two and make 'em dance. All I need is the inspiration and my sick sense of humor will handle the rest. Many thanks to Beloved Leader and CalTechGirl for ideas. Keep 'em comin', y'all!


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