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Saturday, October 09, 2004

What? It's Election Day Already?

Sure it our most faithful ally, Australia! Tim Blair is collecting impressions of a day which may see our friends become wallflowers in the Global War on Terrorism. My favorite:
The sun was warm on my bra straps as I jumped the gate into Bellyrigg Public School to cast my vote for truth and hope. The party faithful rallied to my cause and gave me a bandaid wgen I landed badly and scraped my elbow. But blood and democracy are twin sisters of a greater future, so I didn't mind. Old women were there, gracefully smoking Vicounts and handing out Housie forms, so I pinched one and said that sisterhoos embraced the bi-cause more than in the white picket 50s. A small dog yapped.

Update: John Howard, the incumbent, wins!


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