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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Or Maybe a Smiley Face!

Nobody takes a blogschtick and runs with it like the Commissar at Politburo Diktat. Hey, slow down! You can trip and put an eye out with that! Today, the Caustic Comrade took aim at the vitriolic comments coming from Left that would be fightin' words a century or two ago and offers a solution:

Incredibly, some ill-informed, humor-challenged Repugnicans cannot tell when Lefties are "kidding," or displaying "humour." They claim that in statements like "Bush is worse than Hitler, so let's kill him," it's just hard to tell where the humor starts. Or, following unprecedent pre-election violence and statements like, "If all the votes are counted, we (the Dems) will win," Ms. Edwards' bon mot sounds like a veiled threat.

Here's a suggestion. Use (*k) when you're kidding, (*s) when serious. Like this: "Bush is the worst fucking President ever (*s). Send him back to Crawford, Texas (*s). He's worse than Hitler (*s). He's a war criminal, responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents (*s). There's really no difference between him and Hitler (*s). He should be shot (*k)." Isn't that better?



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