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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Just Because They're All Out to Get You....

Varifrank has a great essay up on conspiracy theories.

Let’s face it; George ruined a lot of people’s plans, a lot of very powerful peoples plans. He broke a lot of rice bowls. The UN had a sweet deal going in Iraq until he came along and screwed it up for everyone. France had a sweet deal, 100 billion in oil contracts, weapons systems, infrastructure development. Germany had her hands in the Mesopotamian pie too, right up to her elbows. Russia was face down in the slop.

They gave us Afghanistan, they could hardly say no, but Iraq was always off limits. Once George decided to go into Iraq, the gloves came off. From that point on, George has made himself the target of a lot of people who made their living and kept their accounts in balance with the haul of cash made fencing the goods for Saddam and his family band of mad pirates.

He'll tell you why.


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