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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Give it Up for the Congo!

Forty thousand women and girls have. Beck at INCITE highlights the largest nation in Africa and influentual UN member...and reason why I think we should just load the whole UN Building onto the Glomar Explorer and ship it to the Azores.

Ah, those zany, fun loving Congolese! Of course, you may be thinking, "But that nation can't possibly be important enough to have any sort of real influence on the United Nations and, by implication, American foreign policy under a Kerry administration." As the French would say, "au contraire," which translates to either, "on the contrary," or, "I surrender!" depending on context. The DR of the Congo has all sorts of relevance in the United Nations. Just have a look at the committees of which it is a member:

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

The United Nations Refugee Committee (on the Executive Committee)

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

International Atomic Energy Agency (You know, the people responsible for keeping states like North Korea and Iran from developing The Bomb).

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