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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Don't Give Up on Az, Baby...

The Kerry campaign is pulling advertising in Arizona, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri to fund ads in battleground states they think they have a chance of winning. Reminds me of the Dom Herrera schtick when he finds out his childhood parish priest was recently convicted of child molesting. "What, I wasn't good enough for you, Father?"

What put him off? We've got a Democrat governor (who's got more balls than he does...and I mean that in the nicest way, Janet) and a Senator who's his best friend in the Senate (next to the Bloated Red One). We've lots of senior citizens to scare (though many of them out-shoot me at the range) and he can pander to lots of minorities here...but many of them are business owners he'd like to tax out of existence. But wait, we've got lots of miltary folk, and retired vets living here, many of whom knew he was in Viet Nam before his campaign run. Wait, John, come back! Spend your money here, John!

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