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Monday, September 27, 2004

Back on the Range

After laying low with allergies for almost a month, I finally made it out to the range yesterday. (It wasn't for Neanderpundit's Postal Match, but I'll have to try the next one.) There was a reasonable turnout for the Cactus Match and I arrived feeling lousy (trying to stay hydrated while fighting a nervous stomach). Jon and I made good time through the stages, avoiding the crowded ones. For lacking practice, I did well, even beating Jon in two pistol stages (he's B class, I'm C). Shot the match clean with no major malfunctions; we could have made a Glock commercial.

The riotgun stage was a blast! There's few things more fun than blazing down steel with a shotgun a fast as you can! I had a miss, but made a clean speedload and ended with an empty gun. Jon beat me despite having to reload by hand.

We saved the carbine stage for last, lotsa lateral movement to shoot when targets become visible. Of course, for these I usually fail to engage a target, and this was no exception. Jon greased through cleanly with no misses. Won't know til they post the scores how well we did, match-wise, but fewer people have been bringing their long-guns lately, so we might have been our only competition.

I won't be posting a stage by stage description of every match I attend, but after being away for a while, I felt the need to share. Looking forward to next month's match already!



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