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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Need to Branch Out

One of the great bennies for being a college student in Tucson, even a half-century-old one, is admiring the proliferation of eye-candy on campus.

One of the local students, Ukraine-born Iryna Ivanova, U of A Business student, has been selected as Playboy's Miss August. Sure, she's a looker, but you can find dozens of comparable beauties roaming the halls at the U and even humble old Pima CC. The diff here is that Iryna is willing to pose in the buff for Playboy and accept all that goes with that. I wonder what the competition was like.

We fledgling film-makers meet a lot of pretty talented people, and some pretty, talented people. (And Lordy, are there some talentless pretty people trying to get parts!) This Saturday, I'm mic'ing a friend's action short -- he's got an all-girl cast which I'm sure will include some hotties. Sunday, I'm directing my own comedy short, starring two school buddies and no women. I really need to change my screenwriting direction.

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  • At 11:19 AM, Blogger greg said…

    As Robert Heinlein said via Lazarus Long, 'What a wonderful world it is that has girls in it.'

    Since moving to the dry, warm side of Washington State, one of the unexpected benefits is realizing how the weather promotes a different way of dressing than once encounters in the Seattle area. Granted, not everyone wearing less clothes is young and comely, but enough of them make the grade that we can take the bad with the good.


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