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Sunday, June 05, 2011

I Know Something You Don't Know

Frank is NOT left-handed!

Did you know today is National Open Carry Day? At least in those parts of the country where law-abiding citizens are free to demonstrate their right to bear arms.

My buddy Frank came down for the weekend and we spent this afternoon exercising our right at the range and the local Subway sandwich shop.

This was Frank's first experience with OC and in his words, "I like it!"

For some reason (like the extreme clutter in my house), I couldn't find my Galco OWB holster or Fobus right-hander, so I lent him a lefty Fobus I had in my holster box.

Besides giving Frank the opportunity to fire a GLOCK for the first time, I also tried to teach him a decidedly non-Marine Corps approach to Evil Black Rifles. With an eye towards introducing him to the 3-Gun Game, I encouraged him to speed up his acquisition and transition to another target. It'll take him a few matches to speed up his short game, but his 30 years of USMC marksman training will make him a dead-eye on the long-range courses of fire.

After our jaunt to the range in the Stang (top down, of course), we stopped at the Subway to pick up lunch. Frank was amazed at the non-event generated by two guys walking into a sandwich shop with serious iron on their hips. Welcome to Arizona, Frank. Welcome to the Land of the Free!

Update: Before anyone busts on me for disparaging Marine Corps combat training, Frank was a Radio Battalion senior NCO (the "Top" really) and though "Every Marine is a Rifleman," not every Marine is a high-speed, low-drag death dealer-- many of them have day jobs that prevent them from getting the trigger time that my 3-Gun friends and I get. I'm not even a high-speed, low-drag death dealer, but I gave Frank a low bar to exceed. I just hope he has as much fun at the game as my other friends and I.

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