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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May Cactus Match

Had a great late-May dinner gathering with Jon and Bob and their wives, even after the Procrastination Monster struck and the local range closed their short-range bays when I visited there to zero my new scope before heading to Phoenix. Instead, I hit the Ben Avery Public Range up in PHX, then doubled back in time to dig into the great eats at Jon's Place. Sighting in the Vortex scope was easy, though a bit unscientific. Having shined a laser through the bore in my living room ahead of time, I knew it was going to hit a little low/right, so when it shot that way at the 25-yard range, I cranked the knobs to guesstimate based on my ignorance of what MOA means at that range, and got it right after my third five-shot string. I spent more time waiting for the range to call a cease-fire to retrieve my target stand than I did to zero the scope crafted by the finest Filipino optics makers. In Sunday's match, the New Thumper worked like a champ, where I lagged behind 8 of the 10 the .223 poodle-shooters, as I pretty much expected.

Since Jon went back to his light-weight speedy line-up, he still managed to beat the whole long gun field, plus all three of the Master Limited shooters in pistol. Here's his long gun performance, which is pretty darned impressive!

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  • At 2:47 AM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    Jon is a consistently kick-ass shooter.

    I miss shooting with you guys. One of these years I'm going to feel ready enough to face the zombie apocalypse at my retreat that I can get back in shape for actually shooting the buggers when they finally show up...


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