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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toybox Complete... For Now

Director Mario couldn't secure an off-campus location for his gunfight scene, so I looks like I'm off the hook for providing real firearms for use as props in his production this weekend. I still have some goodies for him, such as a pair of M-16s and an AK-47.

For sub-machine gun fun, there's an MP-5 and two MP-5SDs, which should make audio dubbing fun for him. I hope he doesn't go overboard with flash coming out of the SDs, because that would just be silly.

Rounding out the menagerie is a pair of UZIs, a GLOCK, and a Beretta pistol. Since the pistols are not powered blow-back guns, he'll have to either add the slide action in post-production, or video them in frontal aspect where the flash will obscure the lack of slide movement. I'm looking forward to this weekend!

Oops! Forgot these two.

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