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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Almost Over

Apprehension, Arizona Chainsaw Massacre, and my own Always (along with dozens of projects from the basic production, animation, and our advanced video class) have all been burned to DVD and await their theater premiere Friday. The two Advanced Cinematography flicks will show again Saturday, following the student projects that didn't air Friday.

I got an "A" on my final screenplay for Adv. Screenwriting, so that might save my grade in that class. Monday is my Japanese 101 final and that's as up in the air than anything. Takusan benkyoshimasu!

After that, I get a couple weeks off, then it's History of American Cinema on-line and a very concentrated summer iteration of Biology 101. I've also gotten some pings about some independent filmmaking projects this summer, so I shan't be bored.



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