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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Trying Something Different

Since Jon talked me into doing the subgun match at Rio Salado at the end of next month, I'll probably shoot the Hebrewm at the Oct. Cactus Match instead of this month. Since the weather's been so nice, I still want to shoot eight stages but don't want to shoot pistol-only, because, hey, I'm basically stuck in C Class for the rest of my life. I considered my problems with the Rock River 9-AR and wondered if it was the mag block causing all the problems. That's when I remembered I had a different mag block I'd been saving for my 9-AR SBR Build! This other block takes my Uzi mags instead of the Colt format ones, so I'll drive out into the desert tomorrow and shoot a few mags through to see how she likes them!

And just so you don't go calling me a gamer, I'm shooting .308 in the two rifle/pistol stages. The third Sunday Multi-Gun Fun Match doesn't accrue prize points.



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