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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where's a Cop when you need one?

This week, my friend Jon came down to Tucson to play in the 30th Anniversary Arizona Police and Fire Games, a mini-Olympics for Fire/Police employees and their families, including a three-day shooting competition. Jon acquitted himself well, despite his pistol going Tango Uniform near the end of Day One. The gunsmith at Second Amendment Sports did a great job replacing his broken safety in just a few hours!

Jon was surprised that only one officer from Phoenix showed up to shoot (Jon's a crime lab scientist). Jon won the Bronze Medal in 3-Gun (Tactical), sharing the podium with Kelly Neal (Gold) and a SWAT officer from L.A.! Heh, a handful of LA SWAT guys went home empty-handed, beaten by a lawyer and a scientist!

In the team competition, Mr. Neal, Esquire, joined a father-son team, aptly named "Not a Cop in Sight." Two lawyers and a Junior took home the Gold Medal in their Division! The father also brought home a twin to Jon's medal in the "Patrol Division!" I don't mean to disparage those who Protect and Serve; I'm just darned happy my shootin' buddies did so well and maybe those high-speed, low-drag SWAT operators will take the hint and practice their skills more.

Jon described the Course of Fire as being much more challenging than the Superstition 3-Gun, and that's saying a lot! Fortunately, Jon's in good shape and well-drilled from all the matches he shot earlier this year. That played into his decision to keep shooting his single-stack .45 instead of switching to his high-capacity Glock.



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