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Monday, June 09, 2008

Fun in the Sun!

Independence Day Action Rifle Match
Mesa, AZ (Rio Salado Sportsman’s Club) 7-4-2008

Cavalry Arms is running the Independence Day Action Rifle match to benefit the Arizona Citizen’s Defense League again this year. AZCDL is a very pro-active pro-freedom organization that has accomplished a great deal with little resources over the past several years. They are well worthy of our support, and that is why all proceeds from the match will go to them. Rio Salado Sportsman's Club is graciously hosting the match and had allowed us full access to their facilities.

Video from last year

This is an action style match with time + penalties scoring (lowest time overall wins). Those of you who shoot 3 gun will be used to the format. Penalties for No-Shoots and Un-hit targets have been upped to emphasize accuracy. We also score Intermediate Rifle cartridges and Battle Rifle Cartridges differently. Intermediate Rifle Cartridges (.223, 7.62x39mm, etc) require two hits anywhere or one A zone to neutralize, Battle Rifle Cartridges (7.62mm NATO, .30-06, 8mm Mauser, .303 British, etc.) need two hits anywhere or one C zone or better to neutralize.

Full rules here.


Classic: Any firearm or copy of a design made in 1945 or before. All feeding devices and sighting devices must be of the correct time period too. Classic Division shooters may bayonet the targets (please don't tear them in half) if the course design lends itself to doing so.

Tactical Iron: Iron Sights only, Compensators must be less than 1” diameter X 3” length, no bipods allowed.

Tactical Scope: Rifle: Any single optic may be used, Compensators must be less than 1” diameter X 3” length, no bipods allowed.

Open: Rifle: No limitations on accessories.


Match Cost: $40.00

Application here.

There will be 4 to 5 stages. At least half the match will be long range oriented (100-300 yards).
Sign in will start at 7:00AM
Shooter's meeting at 7:30AM
Range goes hot by 8:00AM
Finish Shooting by 2:00PM
Range Cleaned up and Stages torn down by 3:00PM
Prize Raffle and Awards to follow range clean up/tear down.

If anyone has suggestions for stages, can help set up, or RO, please e-mail rphagan- at =

Range Officers will travel with their squads so everyone will be able to shoot.

[Text hoarked from Cav Arms]

They're only taking the first 80 applications, so hurry it in! Yeah, it'll probably be as hot as blazes, but it's rifle only -- no lugging all that two-gun or three-gun gear. And it's at Rio Salado (Ussery Mountain), so you'll be banging the reactive steel at the longer ranges.



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