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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Y'all Want Me to Blog on a Monday?

Hmph, the things I do for y'all.

Saturday, before heading up to Jon's in PHX, I made the mistake of fixing lunch. Leftover grilled chicken and fries. The only thing that tastes worst than poorly reheated fries, it's those same fries when they come up again due to an anxious stomach. I didn't use to get the heaves before practice matches... now I get them almost every time I break my limited social routine.

Got almost no sleep at Jon's (stayed up til 2 am watching Letters from Iwo Jima), but managed to stay mostly hydrated at the match, despite some minor heaves in the parking lot. Basically, forgetting to get anxious is the best medicine, but not so easy to do. I pounded water all day, but still pissed something the color Liquid Cheetohs when I got home to Tucson. A few (several) drinks and a bacon, egg, and cheese burrito carried me through to 1 am when I noticed I was still awake.

Major nappage today restored balance to the sleep deficit... it helped to sleep through breakfast and lunch while guzzling water at every chance. I might have finally lost the weight I gained over Xmas. I ought to make this nervous thing work for me.

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