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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out of the House

Tonight the Pima 3rd Saturday Tactical Match pre-match meeting convened at the Trident Grill. As much as I hate venturing out into crowded places, I was curious about this place, since it's owned by a retired Navy SEAL. The food and service was pretty good, though my socially nervous stomach limited me to a beer and some chicken appetizers. We reviewed a couple of stages to be shot next week and hashed over some ideas to be implemented in the future. We got some evil mofo's designing stages, folks. I like it. Nice change from the Cactus League 4th Sunday 3-Gun, where I seem to be the only person submitting stages.

We actually got a lot of chatting done in the parking lot afterwards, where it was a lot quieter... though the constant parade of hotties in little black dresses heading into the place was a tad distracting. Oh, to be young again. And not so neurotic.



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