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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Medal of Honor Day

Today's MoH Day!

h/t Castle Argghhhh!

I've met only one wearer of the Congressional Medal in my lifetime, MSG Roy Benavidez (left). His speaking tour swung through Goodfellow Air Force Base TX and he inspired our multi-service audience of intelligence trainees and instructional staff with tales of heroism and rising in the Army as a minority (he sold some books too). MoH winners are cut from no common mold, but Benavidez looked like he was born to wear a decoration for gallantry. He was a hulking Green Beret, ferheavensakes! There weren't many infantry types in the audience, but as past and future highly-cleared linguists, analysts, and watch officers, we were double-plus impressed that the Master Sergeant's superhuman gallantry included gathering classified documents under fire that might be captured by the enemy. If only some people in our government were so concerned with our national security.

More here.

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  • At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I met a the same MoH winner twice.
    First time was during my 1st Iraq tour and the second time was at the PX at Ft. Meade. The second time he was killing time before going to get knee surgery. Pretty down to earth guy. MAJ RASCON, ALFRED V.

    Great blog, I read it every day.


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