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Monday, January 28, 2008

BoG2 Range Report

I finally got BoG2 (actually v2.5) to the range Friday. The brass-cased Serbian Wolf 55-grainers got along quite well with the replacement gas-piston upper and, against my better judgement, I shot two mags of steel-cased Russian Wolf through it too. Превосходный!!! I shot for accuracy at only 25 yards, but I shot quarter-sized groups using a padded block of wood for a rest. I took my time in a hurry, so don't poo-pooh the rifle's accuracy please.

I should have shot the Russian stuff for accuracy and comparison, but instead I hosed my old CCW qualification target with two magazines worth of double-tap drills. That was the only way to get a feel for the flash hider POF-USA stuck on the front. The 4-pronged hider doesn't help the bounce any more than the old bird-cage did (I didn't expect it), so after the February ACTS match, the Cooley muzzle brake goes back on.

Next time, I'll bring out some 62-grainers. BoG2 has a 1-7 barrel twist, so it's supposed to love heavier bullets.

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