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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Under the Weather

No, I feel fine. The wetlands in my back yard is still saturated after two days of rain; it was continuous through the night. It's still drippy-cloudy out there. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today, but....

Tomorrow's the last Cactus League USPSA match of the year, and I was considering zooming up there early in the morning to have some gun fun. For the past two years, the December match has been canceled on-site due to high winds. They've never called one due to mud, AFAIK. The forecast for tomorrow calls for sunny... Hmmm, do I go? Or do I sleep in and watch football?

There's a huge gun show up there this weekend, but it's too close to Xmas for me. Jon's out of town, so I can't really hang out in PHX for a while. I can always race back and catch some of the late football. Sounds like another decision I'll have to make at 3 a.m. again.



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