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Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Soft

The Michiganders are giving us Tucson shooters a hard time in the ACTS forum because our Match Director put carpeting down for the prone shooting boxes. Well, if we had a fluffy green lawn like their range has... or fluffy white snow and/or soothing ice-water, we wouldn't need carpeting either. Of course, they're all gear whores who, while wearing tons of tactical gear themselves, mewl that that carpet won't be there when the SHTF. Well, probably my kneepads won't be either. Our match director is a gear whore too, but he's considerate enough to realize that not many of the local shooters are too.

One Mittenstater even poo-pooed our grounding the pistol in the home invasion stage. The range recently reversed its permission to allow us to reholster a hot pistol on the clock... besides, who sleeps wearing a holster?

One of their CRC class winners was showing of his AR build with the prize ACTS Logo receiver and someone else suggested he get her daughter to model it... and a photoshop was born.



  • At 1:01 PM, Blogger Desert Cat said…

    Yeah, I suppose if we could strap enough blankies and pads to our bodies we could simulate that nice fluffy snow and soft grass.

    Or perhaps if we threw a half dozen goose-down pillows on the ground we could accomplish the same thing.

    Dump on a few buckets of ice for yet more realism and yes, indeed, I may show up for an August match!


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