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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saloon's Open!

Jon's coming down to the Old Pueblo for tomorrow's Pima Tactical Match, so the "Open" sign goes up on the Saloon. Never mind the dusty wine glasses or the old bottle of vermouth on the bottom shelf; I get out the good stuff for special company. I'd stocked the bar in anticipation of Jon bringing Bob down with him, but Bob's kitchen pass was held up by red tape (the tape that holds the Honey-Do list to the fridge door).

Whatever good stuff we don't polish off I'll probably send back with Jon. Probably.

Or we could just drink beer.

I'm gonna lobby for a Movie Night...I've got about a dozen movies saved up I haven't seen yet, including three B-day flicks from Lil Bro via Amazon (Thanks!).

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