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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

MI CRC and Stuff

Michigan's September ACTS match was their second annual Combat Rifle Challenge. Twenty-nine shooters vied for the top position in their classes, as well as an ACTS Edition stripped AR receiver for the class winners. More pictures in the Michigan ACTS forum (see the link at right).

Arizona's CRC will be in February (hopefully preparing me for the Superstition 3-Gun in March).

Meanwhile, up in Phoenix, the Cactus League has turned my 4th Sunday Halloween Multi-Gun Fun Match into a two-day sponsored 3-Gun match with an eye towards getting USPSA to recognize it as a regional championship. Those plans must be for the future because the League hasn't even started advertising it.

I whipped up four stages for Sunday's Multi-gun- goodness ...I keep expecting someone to hand in a stack of fresh stage ideas, but I guess it's me again.



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