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Monday, July 23, 2007

Waste of Psychic Talent

Would be nice if I could pick winning lottery numbers or stuff like that. Instead, I've got radar for skanky-looking Brit chicks...I was paging through the Dish Network menu this morning looking for something to watch in the background with my morning coffee and blog-reading. With an hour remaining to VH-1's Jump Start showing, I thought "How much ya wanna bet Amy Winehouse's Rehab will be playing?" Too bad no one was here to take the bet; it was not only playing, it was starting the exact moment I flipped to it. Okay, it's not so much of a stretch since VH-1 overplays a short play list, but this phenomenon has happened before with an obscure tune playing in my head also turning up on the radio the moment I turned it on. Spooky.



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