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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stupid Freaking Credit Union!

And stupid Cowboy Blob for maintaining only one credit card!

Two weeks ago I started getting antsy because my expires-in-April Visa card replacement still hadn't shown up. So when I called the wonderful folks at Vantage West Credit Union, they said it should show up in the middle of the next week. Like a moron, I believed them. Today...still nothing, so I called them again. This time, the lady on the phone actually looked up the card issue date...March! Boil-sucking butt-lampreys! Ten business days to get a re-issued card with new numbers to now I've got to scramble around and manage several auto-pay accounts that were tied to my soon-to-be-dead Visa card.

I normally don't start drinking so early in the day -- but since I'm out of Flexiril....


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