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Monday, March 26, 2007


Woo-hoo! The Practice Match results are up! Jon was top Shotgunner and #2 Rifleman out of a very large showing. I was #6 out of eight Pump-gunners, but I beat two Auto-gunners! I beat five out 14 carbine shooters, one of which was Jim the SOCOM-16 Fan. Keep in mind that I was shooting all Heavy Metal, including an single-stack .45. Mistakes were made, lessons were learned (Jon: "You can shoot the no-shoot three times and still smell like a rose if you're fast enough!").

Not a bad performance for me on one hour's sleep! I got as much sleep in the truck at the rest stop than I did in Jon's muy comfy guest bed. I need to relax...insomnia and a nervous stomach plague me before matches and there's none bigger than next week's.


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