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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sportin' Wood

Woohoo! Inhaled some great steak and fixins at the Scottsdale's premier Cowboy Restaurant, The Pinnacle Peak Patio, last night. The Match League held its 2005 Awards Banquet for competitors and league movers-and-shakers, and I brought home an armful of lumber (Jon couldn't make it, so I snagged his two big plaques). Jon swept Top Carbine and Top Shotgun; I got 2nd Place Carbine and Top Revolver (not many wheelgunners this year), as well as a Service Award for my 3-Gun stage designs (and generally being a bee in the bonnet of the Course of Fire Committee).

After the awards, I scored an antique RCBS Rockchucker at the White Elephant Auction. I'd donated a pair of Desert Eagle .44 Magnum magazines that went for six bucks. A good time was had by all, despite an unusually light turnout.


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