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Monday, February 06, 2006

Homemade Salsa!

Last week while Jon was visiting for the Pima 3-Gun, we killed a jar of Pace Hot Picante and half a bag of Mission Tortilla Chips while watching movies. Yesterday, searching for SB XL-watching munchies, I retrieved the bag of chips but was at loss for dipping stuff. Since I'd just got back from Phoenix on very little sleep, I hadn't made the big batch of chili I'd planned for the event, so it was time to improvise. I'd watched Jon make homemade salsa once, when I learned the importance of washing ones hands immediately after handling habeneros, so I decided to give it a try.

I know what should go into good homemade salsa, but didn't feel like going out and buying a fresh tomato or stuff; this was gonna be quick, using the stuff I was saving for the chili or sandwich toppings.

Into the blender went:
One deseeded habanero
Three deseeded red chili peppers
Several forks full of jalapeno slices
Several forks full of Vlassic banana pepper rings
Two long squirts from the Heinz ketchup bottle

I should have tossed in half an onion, but I was saving that for sandwiches.

Pureed in the blender, it came out looking like...homemade salsa! It tasted great! The high-pepper-power ingredients guaranteed I wouldn't be piling it high on the chips and also prevented me from trying to kill the rest of the bag all by myself. In fact, I had lots left over that I used for sandwich spread for dinner and omelet topping for breakfast. Good stuff!


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