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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hotties from Countries Beginning with P for $500, Alex

Kim is polling the Nation of Rifleman to see who tickles our fancy, Miss World-wise.

He's asking us to rank our top three, but this being my blog, I'll give you my Top Five, because it's kinda freaky how it turned out...(from 1 to 5) Phillipines, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, Peru, Poland.

Okay, Miss CZ was the exception. It pained me to weed out some major babes (Miss Greece, call me!), but the job had to be done.

El Capitan has similar regard for Miss Philipines, but his #1 vote goes to Miss Denmark, and #2 vote goes to Miss Canada (left). Sorry, dude, I'm just fearful she's going to open her mouth and sound just like Fran Drescher.


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