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Monday, December 12, 2005

The Magnificent Brides for Samurai Brothers

Len at One in a Row tagged me with the Seven Meme.

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Save a Life right before.
2. Win the Supersitition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, Super Senior Division.
3. See my niece get married.
4. Graduate Film School.
5. Make a hit movie.
6. Retire on the proceeds of my hit movie.
7. Meet some lady I can stand who can stand me.

Seven things I cannot do:

1. Drive 55.
2. Do a forward somersault off a diving board.
3. Picture Michael Moore without a red laser dot on his forehead.
4. Flirt very well.
5. Clean a litterbox without gagging.
6. Sing in public.
7. Resolve to send this to seven other bloggers.

Seven things that attract me to Blogging:

1. Gives a hermit a chance to communicate.
2. Better than watching Katie Couric.
3. Milblogs and Gunblogs.
4. It's free! Thanks, Blogger!
5. Warm fuzzies from Sitemeter.
6. DaGoddess, Risawn, Kit, FL Cracker, Sondra, Mauser*Girl, Pam, AFSister, etc.
7. Fame and Fortune Attention.

Seven things I say most often:

1. "Range is going hot! Does the shooter understand the course of fire? You may take a sight picture with an unloaded weapon. Load and make ready. If the shooter's ready, nod your head. Standby...."
2. "Open and show clear. Hammer down. Holster it. Range is safe!"
3. "Hello? Sorry, I'm not interested."
4. "Hi, Ed, This is [Blob]. I'm calling to check on the status of my .45. My home number is...." *
5. "While I'm calling in artillery, could you get me a cup of coffee?"
6. "Ve vill make zem do ze Schpandau Ballet."
7. "Howdy-Howdy!"

* Update: Speak of the Devil! Ed informed me that I can pick up BoG this weekend. I actually got through on my third try over two weeks (he was out of state for personal reasons).

Seven books (or series) that I love (not in order):

1. Lord of the Rings (Tolkien)
2. River of the Dancing Gods (Chalker)
3. The Corps/Brotherhood of War (Griffin)
4. Chanur series (Cherryh)
5. Thomas Covenant (Donaldson)
6. The Motie books (Niven/Pournelle)
7. The Jack Ryan books (Clancy)

Seven movies I watch over and over again:

1. Band of Brothers
2. Henry V
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. Patton
5. The Princess Bride
6. The 13th Warrior
7. Sergeant York/To Hell and Back (these two I don't own, but I watch them every Memorial Day weekend on cable)

Seven suckers I want to infect:

1. Big Sis
2. Lil Bro
3. Lil Sis
4. Mom
5. My Kommunist Kousin
6. Jon
7. Kirsten


  • At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Unless you have studies his agrippa.

    Which I have!


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