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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Five Weird Habits

Another meme I got tagged with by somebody I forgot in a fevered blogreading session this week. South Park Pundit tagged me today, so there is no escaping it:

What do I know from weird? I'm an asocial hermit who has had only one roommate in twenty years. How can I tell other people don't microwave corn and water in a cup, then stir in instant mashed potatoes? Maybe others buy movies on DVD, but don't watch them just in case a friend on a rare visit wants to watch a movie. I am a man most in need of a garage sale, but ya know someday I will want to get on that Nordic-Trac and do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Update: Okay...I use my washing machine as a dirty clothes hamper and the floor in front of the dryer to stockpile my clean clothes. My two chests of drawers contain clothing I might not wear for 6 months. There...hope you feel better.


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