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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Hate to Punt

I've been a bad, bad blogger and a shameful fusileer. Months ago, I opted into the Fighting Fusileers efforts to energize Project VALOUR IT, getting voice-recognition software to injured troops who have trouble with a keyboard. Since then, I've produced one promotional graphic and posted a few links. And that's it. I've been an inert slug of gray matter where the project is concerned and it bothers me. Today kicks off a fund-raising drive and I should be joining the Forces of Good to raise money for this worthwhile crusade. Instead, I'm packing my bags and a few toys and hitting the road in a few days.

Here's what you should be reading

I've probably got half a dozen posts in me til I'm out of the loop for a little while. I might have a guest blogger entertain you for a post or two until I surface at the other end of the trail (I haven't heard from him on the matter, so don't get your hopes up).


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