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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Warriors, Litterboxes, and Benadryl

Today I had the opportunity to do something good, and I blew it. Protest Warrior staked out the entrance to the Base today; in attendance, three AZ bloggers...Billy Budd, from American Dinosaur, Scott from Speed of Thought, and Mike from Flight Pundit. So I got up with plenty of time, checked Email, and went in to squeeze the weasels. Oy, their litterboxes were ready for cleaning--and their way of telling me that was to push them away from the corner and do their business "outside the box." Fortunately, I had lotsa newspaper down, but clean-up was pretty rough. By the time, I was done, my eyes itched like crazy. Did they care? No, they had clean litterboxes and even some play time out of me. Squiggy was a big loveable lounge-beast, but Lenny sniffed and licked all over my arms and hands until he found that perfect spot on my little finger to bear down and bite me as hard as he could. A quick scruffing and a flick to the nose ensured he wouldn't do that again...for the next two minutes.

So, now with itchy eyes and queasy stomach, I washed my hands and popped a Benadryl. A nap attack soon followed. I got up, checked the clock and in a minute, my stomach was queasy again. My brain was going, "Come on, let's go meet people!" And my stomach (and some other part of my brain) said, "Oh, yeah, when have we ever liked doing that?!" Well, there was just no arguing, seeing as how neither parts of my brain have much willpower, so I gave in and started surfing the blogs.

Content with getting its way, my stomach piped in, "I'm hungry."


I hope I get more cooperation from my quirks next time. Be sure to surf over to the blogs above; I know the Dinosaur has his post up already. Flight Pundit always takes forever to open for me, so I'll click Refresh a few more times and see.


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