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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Spotted Lynx - 13 Sep 05

Castle Argghhh points out a real crappy sea tale.

Dave at Assumption of Command describes his encounter with uber-investor Warren Buffet.

Jeff S. stops slamming WalMart long enough to publish his Weekly Check on the Bias.

Baboon Pirates found a Photoshop contest "If Goths Ruled the World."

Citizen Smash posts the tally of the Protest Warrior/Code Pink Katrina Charity Challenge!

Chuck at TC Override provides some answers to Katrina questions.

Geekwitha45 waxes verbosely on the gun confiscations in NOLA. What coverage!

Hurl finds more American Heros helping Katrina victims!

Broadsword has Kristallnacht Gaza video.

Sass and sauce from Bambi Stokes-Hymington for her sistah Senator, then delivers some tardy NFL predictions.

Red-blooded American six-year-old boys and I can't wait until Tonka makes these. Hat tip to Murdoc.

Nyuks from Jeff G. with questions for the Roberts hearing.

Now that the Analog Kid has his safe mounted and range day shot, he posts the SHTF Rifle ePostal Match, completely with completely innocuous target.

True Blue, a shrill leftist womyn in ferret-murdering Kalifornia, posts the Blue Flypaper Blacklist adding some worthy bloggers. Hat tip to Blogonomicon.

Cassandra uncovered the most sinister Bush Administration plot yet!

Vinnie's gone mad and cooked up a scheme to reform New Orleans. You won't like it!

Firepower 5 chased the monster Nessie across the Colorado lochs. I wonder if there was any single malt scotch there?

Free Will has more Katrina blogging, including this little gem:
As a reader emailed me the other day, of course, if Ms. Landrieu had put the same infrastructure into play that she uses to bus poor blacks to the polls on election day, she probably could've saved a lot of lives all by herself.

I think I'm gonna keep the Spotted Lynx motif and toss the Link'n'Logs from now on.


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