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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Stupid Fun Power

When I brought my first AR home one year to have some range fun with my brother, my Dad asked, "What do you need a gun like that for?" Yes, Dad was a democrat. Dad had a cabinet full of shotguns, a deer rifle, a .22 rifle, and an M-1 Carbine I bought him. I've known him to dispatch some snakes, groundhogs, etc. with them, but to him, guns were just a tool.

"To have," was my answer. To me, guns are a tool and a toy in one! These's little on my dysfunctional social calendar that gives me as much fun as a day on the range...even when I don't do particularly well. My shooting buddy feels similarly, though his social schedule isn't as stunted as mine. He shoots to decompress from college classes. Jon once had a Thompson-Center Contender .45-70 Government!! A buffalo gun cartridge in a hand cannon, this was not a very practical gun. Jon said he might try elk hunting with it, but I saw it for what is was: Stupid Fun Power. Exploding the water jug with one shot was a gas! My hand was hurting, but my brain was racing...Bragging Rights...Stupid Fun Power! That's all any of the super-powerful BFRs really are. Sure, if you're hiking the Alaskan wilderness, you're entitled to prevent your body's conversion to bear feces, but what purpose these wrist-wrenching revolvers for those who'll never set foot in the Yukon?

"To have."

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  • At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "To have" is enough reason for me.

    It's always made me glad my dad and I see eye to eye on firearms. His taste is a bit different then mine, he likes revolvers and bolt action rifles, I like semiautos. But some of his rifles are still "to have". I mean seriously, what the hell do you need a .375HH Magnum for? It's a bit much to even kill a mule deer with.. I let a friend make good use of it on a 3/4" steel plate though.

    Anyway, my father says "I want a 1911, what should I get?" (I'm known as the "1911 Guy", I said "WTF do you want a 1911 for you don't like semis" He says "to have".

    Simply awesome.


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